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How to Measure for Custom Vertical Blinds
Have The Right Tools
Metal tape measure only (not fabric, not a yardstick)
Something to write on, and with
Determine if you want an INSIDE or OUTSIDE mount BEFORE you measure. You will measure differently depending on this decision.
Record and submit your measurements Width then Height (W x H). If you reverse these, yours blinds will not fit.
Measure to the nearest 1/8 inch
Measure the exact window intended for each blind
Never use the measurements from existing blinds
Do not adjust yours measurements to allow room for the blind to function for inside mount. A slight deduction will be made at the factory.
If you are unsure about any of this, contact us.
Measure For Inside Mount Vertical Blinds
An inside mounted vertical blind will sit in the opening of the window's frame, and look nearly flush with the outside of the frame or wall. This is generally the preferred way to hang vertical blinds if the frame is large enough to accomdate.
Measure the width inside the window opening at the top, middle and bottom. Record the shortest width.
Measure the height inside the window opening at the right, middle, and left. Record the shortest height.
Record your measurement as WIDTH x HEIGHT
Measure the window frame depth (recess) to make sure there is enough room to install the mounting brackets. Most vertical blinds require a minimum depth of 2 1/2" inches.
Double check your measurements!
Measure For Outside Vertical Blinds
An outside mounted vertical blind sits outside and above the window. With this mount, the vanes cover the window frame as well as the window. The outside mount is often chosen to help ensure there is no light gap at either side of the window.
Measure the width across the window where you want your verticals blinds to cover. You may wish to add a few inches (we recommend 4") on each side of the window opening to prevent a light gap. Record the measurement as WIDTH.
Measure the opening's height. Add enough to the height so that the mounting brackets will clear any window frame or trim. The height you provide will include the height of the headrail. If you plan to have your window treatment hang down to the floor, allow at least 1/2" clearance on the bottom for proper operation.
Record your measurement as WIDTH x HEIGHT
Most manufacturers do not take any deductions from outside mount measurements. They only take deductions for inside mounts.
Double check your measurements!
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Hi Esmeralda, The blinds came today and look great! Thanks for the prompt service. One small discrepancy in the shipment / instructions though. Page 2 of the installation instructions depicts 3 mounting clips and the recommended spacing. Following the spacing guidelines of 30” max between clips and 4” max at each end, any length over 68” would require 4 or more mounting clips. Perhaps the shipping department is using the illustration on page 2 to determine how many clips to send rather than a length chart? Just a small item, but perhaps small to rectify as well. In any event please do not misconstrue my pointing this out to you. The issue is very minor. I am very happy with the product and service rendered, and will be a return customer. Best regards, Gary Vosters

Hi Rosa, The replacement vanes arrived last week. Delivery was so quick. I installed the vanes this weekend and they looked beautiful. I am so very happy with them and I would recommend Windowblinds to everyone. Ordering was easy and you were so helpful. Thank you. Regards, Jean

Wow. You knew better than I (I didn't think I'd requested any). Since you say you HAD, I rechecked the parts bag, and sure enough they WERE included. Thank you very much! regards, Rich Comroe

THANK YOU FOR YOUR KINDNESS AND GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!! In a message dated 4/21/2010 12:12:34 P.M. Central Daylight Time, customerservice writes: Hi Jan Thank you, for your business Esmeralda 888-404-8000

I recently purchase some verticle blinds from you.Thanks to Esmeralda everything was perfect,and she even mentioned I would probably need a valance also and put that in with my order.She was right I needed them and the blinds were beautiful.Thanks Esmeralda for the help as a bachlor I am not an interior decorator and shipping was really quick too I will order again.jds

I just wanted to let you know I LOVE MY VERTICAL BLINDS!! I ordered the caymus Taupe and I have had more compliments on them.Hope to do more business very soon! Thank You,Judy Miller in Iowa.

The blinds arrived on my birthday!! Thanks so much for your help. Toni

Dear Esmeralda, Thank you so much for being such a great customer service agent. Others could learn from you and Rosa!!!! This email constitutes a confirmation of my order as stated below. Thanks for charging me right away! Sincerely, Toni Humphrey

I'm trying to match it up with the other two verticals in the room. It's not really near them, so it should be a good match. They have the square end valances so we want to continue the look. There is a two inch wood trim all around the window, so we allowed 2" on each outside of the wood trim which will block light well. We allowed 3" on top of the wood trim which will have the vertical fall nicely on the windowsill. Unless I'm missing something I think they should be ok. You are more than helpful and I certainly do appreciate your suggestions and help. I have ordered many verticals thru the years and never had anyone assist me like your company does. Thank you so much and I'm looking forward to ordering several more within the next few days and dealing with your company. Sincerely.

Good morning, I apologize for not getting back to you all sooner but life does have a habit of getting in the way. We received the new valance. Thank you so much! We've also, through your instructions, been able to change the three blinds so the draw is on the proper side. Thank you for excellent customer service and your prompt response to the problems that occurred during this transaction. Janet will be doing business with you again. Merry Christmas and thank you again. Jan Hedlun Trusty Roommate

We received the fabric vertical blinds and just put them on our patio door. They look great and were easy to install. Thank your for your help along the way.


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